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Get the Look: Two-Toned Eye Shadow


I am dying over the looks featured in Tom Ford’s latest ad campaigns! Interestingly while one is for lipstick and the other one is for a fragrance, it’s the eyes I’m captivated by on both. Both models have gorgeous lashes – little surprise because Ford’s mascara is out of this world (so much so in fact that when I use it I don’t need to layer a primer underneath), and their eyes have an awesome mix of shimmery shadows. I like seeing the two images side-by-side because they’re similar looks with the top one being the more intense version of the bottom one (fitting given the lip choices). In either case the key things to remember are to rim eyes in black liner, to layered silvery shimmer shades along the crease lines and pulling them all the way to the inner corners of the eyes, and to frame the eyes with a strong brow.

tom ford


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