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Kotur Globe Neon Perspex Box Clutch: Oozing Style

Kotur Globe Neon Perspex Box Clutch

Clear bags, be they PVC or perspex, will be part of a trend to contend with in the upcoming warm weather months. And while the transparent look has been modernized and streamlined just in time for spring/summer, Kotur is actually drawing from the past with their perspex clutch – from the groovy ‘70s to be exact. Even though inspired by a lava lamp, this structured box clutch is far from a hippie accessory. With a neon pink oil and water mix floating around inside, you’re sure to have waves of movement with each step you take that will have everyone talking. Inside is a clear silver pouch if you want some privacy from the onlookers. Why not just take that out and go full monty, though? Gimmick bags don’t always work, but this is a cute, functional idea. I wonder how long it will take the pink mix to dry up (lava lamps don’t last forever!), but at this price, I’m sure you’d get your money’s worth before then. Just make sure not to drop it! Available on NET-A-PORTER for $395.



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