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It’s kind of insane how some celebrities are able to bounce back after pregnancy (Claire Danes being the latest…). The key from everything I’ve heard is to stay active during your pregnancy. To that end Tracy Anderson launched a series of workouts DVDs, which she filmed in real time during her pregnancy. There is one DVD for each month and each video also features interviews with notables like Christy Turlington and the founders of one of my fave beauty brands, Mama Mio.

I recently spoke with Founder Tanya Mackay and asked her about shopping for beauty products when you’re pregnant and how her line can work, along with exercise, to maintain your figure. Here’s what she had to say!

What do women need to look out for when shopping for beauty products while pregnant? Why?

They need to be thinking safe and effective… after all pregnancy is the biggest challenge your skin will ever face! At Mama Mio we increase the strength and elasticity of your skin through the copious use of Omega’s 3,6 & 9. If you apply our Tummy Rub twice daily you are going to be putting up the very best fight possible to stave off the dreaded stretch mark! And with our No Nasties policy you can rest assured that you are safe and sound. But your tummy is not the only thing that grows – your boobs are also highly likely to grow a cup size or 3. Which is why our Boob Tube is the second half of our pregnancy prescription – it helps your boobs cope with the growth and remember which way is North after baby is done at the milk bar.

Can you tell us how your products can enhance a woman’s workout routine when pregnant?

The big workout during pregnancy is a 40 inch stretch in 40 weeks and then back down again! This is the workout that Mama Mio will help you with – the nine month s-t-r-e-t-c-h! Tracy Anderson is the absolute queen at taking care of the rest of your workout. She is a powerhouse and so devoted to giving you the very best help possible. Mama Mio and Tracy Anderson are the perfect combination – in pregnancy and when you are working to get your body back after baby.

How did you stay in shape while pregnant/bounce back afterwards?


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  1. Safe and effective – that’s good advice. I can’t count the number of creams I’ve seen which promise miracle results. As Tanya said it’s all about giving yourself the best chance, but unfortunately sometimes stretch marks are inevitable regardless of what you do.

    Did the last question get cut off? I don’t see an answer after “How did you stay in shape…”