Marni Perforated Leather & Patent Clutch: The Holey Grail

arni Perforated Leather & Patent Clutch

Forget pup carriers! For all of the hamster owners out there, this perforated Marni clutch is just the bag for you and your pet. Jokes aside, though, there’s actually a black patent film quietly lingering beneath the holes to offer little pops of shine while still keeping your valuables hidden from sight. With its gold frame hardware, this clutch is about as chic as perforation gets, but the raw leather edges show that it’s not taking itself too seriously. Every girl has a black clutch, so you want to make sure there’s something special about yours. Polka dot perforation will keep you trendy while still winking at classic style. And at 12 1/2″, this is seriously sizable, meaning it can take you from day to night all summer long (well, this and my other perforated love). I know it’s the start of a fresh new season, but Marni already has me dreaming of being back in black. It just goes to show that you don’t need color when you have a great cut! Available on Luisa via Roma for $840.

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