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McQ Alexander McQueen Kaleidoscope Print Bags: Look and You Shall Receive

McQ Alexander McQueen Clutch and Shouler Bag

Ever since Sarah Burton brought the McQ brand back in-house, Alexander McQueen’s little-sister line has been steadily garnering a cult following. There is nothing wrong with fusion lines from luxury brands! And when they’re done right (like in Burton’s case), they can become the best of both worlds. An iconic fashion designer once told me the key to being well-dressed is to be 30% in collection and 70% in contemporary on a regular basis (one cannot run around in five-thousand-dollar dresses all day long). This is the best advice ever.
The same can be said for bags: cherish your investments, but don’t carry them to death. Mix it up with something affordable. McQ’s Kaleidoscope bug-print bags are youthful and fun. Bright patterns come together with tough-girl hardware and a faded quality: think urban grit meets cosmopolitan polish. Best of all, the box bag ($392) and clutch ($400) still carry those distinctive McQueen signature: that wickedly abstract yet pleasingly symmetrical print and fine detailing. This young sibling is giving her big sis a run for her money. Available at McQ Alexander McQueen in June.



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