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Moncler Packable Quilted Blanket: Power Napping

Moncler Packable Quilted Blanket

Falling asleep in your puffy parka after a long day of skiing on the slopes is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The warm sensation is cozy without being stuffy, a carefully struck balance that Moncler has mastered over its 60+ years as an outerwear expert. Now they’ve made napping even easier for tots with a blanket constructed from the same material used to make their snug signature puffers. It’s so wonderful it would inspire even the least forest-friendly Snobs to plan a camping trip, but the packable blanket should by no means be saved only for outdoorsy occasions. Use it as down comforter or lay it down as a snuggly bed to nap on when you’re on the go. Best of all, bring it on the plane to stay warm (those cheap blankets they give you don’t always get the job done). Yes, it’s puffy, but it’s also light as air and can be compressed and stored in a matching drawstring pouch that comes with the blanket. At 31″ x 24″, it won’t fully cover grown-ups, which is really too bad – I want one for myself on the plane! Here’s hoping Moncler gets the message soon. The packable puffer comes in pale pink, white, navy, and fuchsia at Neiman Marcus for $215 each.



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