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Paris Fashion Week Beauty Round Up II

Viktor & Rolf Haider Ackermann

Victor & Rolf: Maybe it’s my German roots, but I love this look. We saw Heidi-style braids prominetly featured in New York and I’m glad to see them back in Paris. Preferences aside, the look was the perfect complement to the duo’s unexpectedly wearable collection.

Haider Ackermann: Thank you Haider for making me feel better about being a few weeks overdue to get my highlights touched up! Before you go feeling bad for the models however, their hair was actually covered with white-gold wigs left black at the roots.

Balenciaga: In keeping with Alexander Wang’s feminine collection, the hair was understated and sophisticated this season.

Comme des Garcons: Rei Kawakubo is a unique innovator and this season to complement her fashion-forward rosette and bow-dinged collection each of her models wore elaborately twisted and wire head pieces.




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