Perrin Paris 1893 Clutches: New Perspective

Perrin Paris 1893 Clutches

Perrin is known for putting a twist on things, like they did with their unique, sculptural Ball Bag. With more than a century of experience in leather craftsmanship, the French brand knows its game. They know that clutching a clutch is not always easy, so they’ve come up with these instructional designs. Sure, we’ve seen the knuckleduster and finger handles before, but these bags have so much more artistry and certainly a better sense of humor. Created with precision and styled with distinct character, Perrin is made for the girl with individual flair, like Fergie (seen below carrying the Cabriolet clutch at Paris Fashion Week with Cher – guess the single-name celebs like to stick together!). Available at Perrin Paris 1893.

Jet-Set Travel Clutch ($1,895): When this design is the tamest in the collection, you know you’re in for a real treat. Not only does the stingray clutch have room for all the usual suspects (money, phone, etc.), it even comes with a camera sleeve.

Prends Moi Clutch ($850): This is what I’m talking about when I say Perrin has a good sense of humor. Take your hand off the appliqué, and it looks like your bag was at the scene of a crime (albeit a very chic one).

Manchette ($695): They call this clutch a wrist sleeve. But really it’s more like an arm guard, so if you should ever find yourself in a sticky situation, you’ll have some stylish armor on hand.

Capitale Clutch ($3,450): Winter’s just about over, so replace your leather gloves with a gloved croc clutch. Who doesn’t love having two accessories in one?

Je Te Tiens ($850): We’ve see finger handles most often on the top of bags à la the knuckleduster, so placing them on the side is a little more refreshing. You really don’t have to reinvent the wheel – sometimes design just needs a little shake-up.

2 thoughts on “Perrin Paris 1893 Clutches: New Perspective

  1. Perrin is one of my most favorite designers. The edgy style and sophistication displayed through their designs are rivaled by none other.

  2. Adding this to twitter great info.

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