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Pop Peak Performance Mascara

Nothing is going to top Tom Ford’s mascara. It’s just amazing. It’s damn expensive however and there are plenty of mascaras that while perhaps not as amazing, more than suffice. Case and point POP Beauty’s Peak Performance Mascara ($20). This mascara has my favorite kind of applicator, a structured one. It’s the applicator that more often than not I find to be the most effective in delivering a clump-free application because it coats while separating lashes – just make sure to apply a lash primer first. What sets this wand apart from the rest however is that it’s a twist-up wand, which not only prevents bacteria build up, but it means the mascara won’t dry out as quickly. I do wish the applicator was a little bit longer (I’ve been spoiled by the clean swoop of Ford’s mascara which gets pretty much all my lashes in one shot), and it does take some getting used to if you’re used to a traditional one, but at $20 it’s more than a solid buy.


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