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Restorsea Night Cream and Renormalizing Serum: Salmon Says

Restorsea Night Cream and Renormalizing Serum

I’ve gotten all of my friends hooked on the miracle that is Restorsea. Since September, the beauty brand’s day cream and eye cream have been my go-tos, and I can honestly say they’re part of one of the most advanced skincare systems out there. So I was excited to try the new night cream ($175) and serum ($195). As in the creams, the main star in these products is their special salmon enzyme complex called Vibransea. The specific enzyme in use is derived from the hatching fluid of baby salmon and acts as a glycolic acid equivalent, except with this there is no irritation! The serum has twice the usual amount of enzymes, so it packs a mean anti-aging punch while still feeling gentle on the skin. At the end of Fashion Month, I felt like I’d run a marathon and aged 10 years. Gray hairs were sprouting at an alarming rate and everything on my face and body sagged. But with a good night’s sleep and the night cream, my skin plumped up almost overnight. Trust me on this one – check out the incredible story behind Restorsea and stop in at Bergdorf’s for a sample. The results are immediate and long-lasting, so the products are worth every last penny (and yes, I know – they’re pricey!). Restoring Night Cream and Renormalizing Serum available on Restorsea.



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