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Salvatore Ferragamo Woven Nappa Leather Bag: Fringe Benefits

Salvatore Ferragamo Verve Woven Nappa Leather Bag

I was just thinking the other day how bags seem to be distinctly tasteful of late, with clean lines and minimalist design that make them indistinguishable (you can blame The Row and Valextra!). I certainly don’t mind, but it doesn’t make for interesting fodder. So imagine my shock and awe when this Ferragamo animal walked boldly into my path. The fringe and trim make it look a bit like an Afghan dog– I don’t really know if I should carry it, pet it, or put a leash on it.

At least it’s different – I like the woven leather body and straps, but copious amounts of side fringe is distracting and awkward. Fringe is definitely in this year, but that of the Isabel Marant variety! Ferragamo’s take on the trend is more than questionable. What do you think of it? Available on Luisa via Roma for $2,679.

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