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Tom Ford Lip Shine Color: Spring Shades

Tom Ford Lip Shine Color

According to Tom Ford, “Lips are a woman’s most alluring and sensual feature…lip color is seductive in a very kissable way.” I figure if my boyfriend Tom wants me to have kissable lips, who am I to refuse him? So I sampled six delectable shades from his new lip shine collection and ended up completely besotted with each and every one. Their texture is feather light, gliding on smoothly to shine and condition without leaving build-up (so your bf will be just as thrilled as you are!).

There’s a wide range of colors and coverage levels to choose from (look below to find your go-to), but the vivid opaque shades are my favorites. For girls who love lipstick but don’t want to give up their gloss, these are the lip shines that will provide the best of both worlds. Yes, the price is steeper than your average lip color, but this isn’t your average lipstick. Formulated with special ingredients like chamomilla flower oil and Brazilian murumuru butter, the shines provide a rare degree of moisture that you’ll immediately identify as the best your lips have ever tasted. Beauty Snob Sharon previewed the line a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s out in stores so be sure to pick up a tube or ten and let us know if you’re as enamored as I am! Available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $48 each.

Three ranges of shades:
1. Three subtle neutrals
NUBILE – a rose nude
ABANDON- a light tan
BARE – a beige hue
2. Five romantic pink shades
CHASTITY- blush pink
SMITTEN – honeysuckle pink
QUIVER – light blue pink
FROLIC – pinky peach
INSIDIOUS – apricot hue
3. Two vivid colors
WILLFUL – an orange red shade
RAVENOUS – hot cerise pink



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  1. The Tom Ford lipsticks sound amazing! Definitely perfect for date night. May be I’ll finally get the courage up to try that trendy red lip! I’m always nervous the color will end up on my teeth lol, any tips to prevent that?