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Agadir Argan Oil Daily Shampoo & Conditioner: Stay Hydrated This Summer

Agadir Argan Oil Daily Shampoo & Conditioner

It seems you can find beauty products of all kinds with Argan oil as a central ingredient, but in shampoo and conditioner? Seems risky, considering how easily hair can get greasy. But I’m pleased to share that Agadir’s haircare gives you slick locks, rather than oil-slicked ones. I love their treatment oil, and have been using it to tame flyaways. I finally got around to testing out the shampoo and conditioner, and all I have to say is, why did I wait so long to try this?? Now, I have shiny, nourished hair like you’ve never seen. The products don’t build up and are gentle enough for daily use, which is great if you work out everyday and don’t want to strip all of the moisture from your hair with continual showers. I wash my hair more in the summer because of the heat and outdoor activities, so I won’t be switching shampoos anytime soon!

The line is instantly life changing, bringing back luster and suppleness to your hair. Friends will ask where you got your deep conditioning treatment, but you’ll know it’s just shampoo and conditioner. My 75-year old mom is visiting me, so I gave her the set since she has extreme dry hair. She loved it so much she had me order four more to ship back to her! It made her hair vibrant in a way that she hasn’t seen in decades. I still use the oil on occasion, especially after torturing my hair with a blow dryer and curling iron. Regular use of this shampoo and conditioner keeps my hair so beautiful, though, that the treatment oil really isn’t even necessary. Apparently it’s twice as expensive at the drugstore, so be sure to get this combo set on Amazon for $23.40.



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  1. I have love Argan Oil it makes my hair very soft but rightly said hair can get greasy. I have purchased many brands promising less greasy, but they were not. I will definitely but this product and try. Thanks Kelly for sharing, Luv you for this post 🙂

  2. Thanks for the post. I’ve always wanted to try argon oil hair products, but was afraid they would make my hair greasy. I have thin hair to begin with, so the greasy look is not what I’m after. I’ll have to try this brand. Thanks!

  3. My daughters will ONLY use this shampoo and their hair looks really healthy. I read that it might be too “heavy” for fine hair and make it greasy but I have used it on my fine hair and didn’t find it greasy at all.

  4. Argadir Argan oil products are wonderful. The shampoo cleanses without stripping the hair of natural oil. The products moisturize the hair without weighing it down – the silky effects are also great.