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Anna Sui Fragrances: Fairy Dances and Forbidden Affairs

Anna Sui Fragrances

Since 1999, Anna Sui has released more than 15 fragrances, each one sweeter than the last. Not all designers are able to infuse their signature styles into their scents, but Anna’s love of bold colors and patterns truly comes to life in these bottles. I recently tried her two most recent eau de toilettes, the seemingly at odds Fairy Dance and Forbidden Affair. The first comes in a cotton candy pink bottle topped with yep, a fairy. This is a playful, fruity perfume with tangerine, mango, and vanilla sticking out the most. Then there’s Forbidden Affair, housed in a purple bottle with the outline of a couple on the front, clearly involved in a romantic, clandestine meeting. Of the two scents, this is my favorite. It’s muskier and more floral, but the trouble is that it doesn’t last as long as Fairy Dance. You’d have to reapply often to keep the scent detectable, so if you have to have it, invest in a rollerball. Bottom line? Save the affair and go dancing! Available at Sephora in 1.6 oz ($60), 1 oz ($44), and a rollerball ($18).



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