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Charlotte Olympia Carmen Signature Shoes: Three Cheers

Charlotte Olympia Carmen Signature Shoes

Chiara and I snatched up the same pair of metallic Charlotte Olympia Carmen wedges earlier this week in Dallas. We were twins for the day (we would have been triplets if they were available in Tina’s size – she promptly ordered them). Normally matching your GFs is a faux pas, but these are so worth it. Besides, Chiara lives 7,000 miles away in Milan! It would be cruel to kept comfortable, versatile shoes like these to myself. Don’t get me wrong – I won’t be wearing them to walk around Disneyland anytime soon, but considering the whopping 6.5 inches, they’re completely wearable. The pitch is gradual and the enormous platform makes it pretty flat. With this kind of height, an ankle strap is a must (either that or crutches will soon be!), and Olympia has that covered. She also perfectly balances the high shine of the knockout gold wedge with rich black suede, making these quiet enough to coordinate with most outfits but loud enough to help set off fireworks with an LBD! On Matches for $889.

Charlotte Olympia Carmen Signature Shoes



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