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Diamonds in the Rough: Love Your Imperfections

Diamonds in the Rough

Jewelers are always trying to sell you diamonds with the best of the four C’s, but there’s something almost more beautiful about a rough diamond. While it may not be as precisely cut as others, its surface is polished to bring out sparkle (left unpolished, there would be no shine at all). A rough diamond has a sense of hope bubbling just under the surface, so that each escaping twinkle feels special. This is especially true when you have a whopper like this vivid yellow “Dieu de Soleil” solitaire ring (on Diamond in the Rough for $275,000). At 12.41 carats, this stone doesn’t need a flawless cut to grab attention. Yellow is the most rare type of diamond in the world, so why waste one just because it’s not completely “perfect?” This is a one-of-a-kind wonder, just like the Champagne Bubbles Wreath necklace (on Diamond in the Rough for $295,000). The name says it all – wreath? You’re getting 100 diamonds, a.k.a. 106.88 carats! For something more attainable, try the De Deers Talisman yellow gold hoops (at De Beers for $9,500) or Diamond in the Rough’s dark cognac ring (at Neiman Marcus for $8,880).

Diamonds in the Rough

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