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Elizabeth Arden Launches Red Door Spa Professional


I went to an event a few weeks ago for the launch of Red Door Spa Professional Skincare and Body Collection, a new spa-inspired line by Elizabeth Arden and I have to say I was pretty shocked…I kind thought this must exist already given how well-known their spa is!? I’m pretty familiar with Arden’s products (the Visible Difference range is one of my faves), but they have so many that I assumed..oh well…it exists now! And it’s definitely worth looking at. The collection includes a whopping 43 professional-grade products all of which are formulated to work with the spa’s treatments.

The skincare collection is divided into three categories:

  • Customized Daily Essentials: daily cleansers, toners, moisturizers, facial masks and broad spectrum sun protection ($26 to $69), meant for all skin types.
  • Targeted Intensive Skincare Solutions: targeted treatments formulated to address specific skin concerns and problems, ranging from premature signs of skin aging, redness and discoloration to skin dullness, sensitive skin, and acne ($26 to $120).
  • Body Renewal: designed to restore and revitalize essential moisture to the skin ($22 to $45).

The products are available exclusively at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas, but I got to play around with them at the event and texture and scent-wise they’re great. There’s a ton of research behind all of them and in their price category I’ve always found Arden to rank among the best so next time you pass by a Red Door Spa…stop in and check these out!

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