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Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit: At-Home Spa

Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Been saving up to treat yourself to a day at the spa? Keep your money – with Essio’s aromatherapy shower kit, your bathroom becomes a personal spa! The system comes with an adjustable arm that you easily click onto your showerhead’s pipe. Then just screw on one of the aromatherapy pods, move the arm under hot water, and ta-da! A calming scented oil releases into the stream of water, completely enveloping your bathroom in a heavenly aroma. Honestly, I’ll never go without this again. It’s the smartest invention since the shower itself. The only downside is that you’ll never want to leave the bathroom! I took two showers in a day just because I had been dreaming about how nice it was all day.

Essio makes six organic oil blends (including Breathe, which helps clear your sinuses when you’re sick!), but the three in the pack are Clear, Passion, and Unwind (my favorite – a mix of lavender, orange, and bergamot). When you run out of those, you can buy a four-pack of any of the oils for $19.99. As long as you use them wisely, though, you shouldn’t need to replace them too soon. It only takes the tiniest bit of oil to feel and smell the effects, so don’t let it drip throughout the whole shower like I did. It was a serious waste – I used up one pod in just two go’s. Normally when you want to unwind, you take a long luxurious bath, but now showers have seriously stepped up their game. Even if you’re rushing off to work, your quick dip will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the day. Available on Essio for $44.99.



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