Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream: The Super 7

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

You all know about my devotion to Fresh Ancienne eye cream ($95). Well, now I’ve found another goodie from the natural beauty brand – the Lotus Youth Preserve face cream! My skin has gotten so dry and patchy from traveling (I’ve literally been around the world six times in the last six weeks), so when I went into Neiman Marcus to stock up on the eye cream, I asked my SA if she had any suggestions. She had me try this out, and immediately, my skin happily drank it up. Fresh created the Super 7 Complex specifically for this product, so that it would fight aging and create a glowing complexion. The Super 7 (sounds like a group of crime-fighting heroes, no?? I guess they are!) includes blue-green algae, hibiscus fruit extract, fig, vitamins C and E, vegetable glycerol (to keep the moisture in), and of course, the eponymous lotus flower extract, which is a hydrating antioxidant. The formula also uses maca root extract to promote cell turnover, so it’s working way overtime. As for the smell, well, it’s fresh – go figure! Available at Neiman Marcus for $42.

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