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Get the Look: Salma Hayek’s Minimal Makeup


In the spirit of the weather getting warmer, I’m feeling inspired by Salma Hayek’s minimal makeup look. I rarely wear lipstick and recently have replaced my teal/blue/black/brown shadows with nudes, so I’ve been working on mastering this look full throttle. On a side note I also should add that there’s isn’t a single guy I know who hasn’t said that he prefers when women go easy on the makeup. The problem with this look, especially if you’re on the pale side, is that’s it’s easy to look washed out. It’s also hard to pull off when your skin’s texture isn’t even. The “secret” with going minimal is to make sure you have fantastic foundation to even out your skin, blush to give cheeks a natural flush, and highlighting powder for a natural-looking shine. As I mentioned I don’t wear anything aside from lip balm for the most part, but a light lip stain like one of Tom Ford’s new Shines will work wonders to brighten while still keeping things cool and casual.

While I’m not sure what Salma is wearing I’d bet that at least some of the products are from her new line, Nuance.

Image: Zimbio


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  1. You know almost every guy says they don’t like makeup, but they always seem to go for the girl wearing makeup! When I met my other half I was out on the town at a popular nightclub and as made up as I could get. Now he complains when I wear it, and says he prefers a natural face, zits and all. Maybe if I wore my makeup like Salma, he would like makeup better, cause I don’t’ leave the house without it. Lol