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Get the Look: Elle Macpherson’s Nude Lip


Nothing goes better with a bold smoky eye than a nude lip, but what people tend to forget is that it’s a versatile look that would work just as well with a more neutral eye, as Elle Macpherson demonstrates in the image above. The key is to make sure your lips don’t disappear. For that you’ll want to line your cupid’s bow and lower lip to define your lips before filling them in with a shade that is two shades lighter or darker than your natural lip color (make sure to blend the edges so there’s no contrast between the lipstick and liner!). For shine, layer a sheer gloss over. No matter the color however, if you plan on layering make sure to exfoliate your lips first and to apply a hydrating balm so that the color and gloss apply evenly.

Image: Zimbio


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  1. Elle Mcpherson is so beautiful and always looks so natural. I am going to give your tip on applying a nude colour a go. i didn’t realise you should go 2 shades lighter or darker.

  2. Personally, I think Elle Macpherson is beautiful and makes a awesome appearance when she is in the media and also just “hanging out”! I am going to try your tips on how to apply a “nude color” especially when I am in a rush! LOL to me…..Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is safe and sound in Boston and all around the world….Try and have a awesome day!