Get the Look: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Rosy Pink Lips


Sarah Jessica Parker’s makeup always looks effortless – and natural. She doesn’t pack it on to hide her fine lines and she looks a lot better for it. Recently she stepped out on the red carpet with a rosy pink lip that’s perfect for spring/summer. It’s subtle, but still more statement-making than wearing a nude so it can pair with either a strong smokey eye or something lighter. This shade is also great if you’re like me and don’t experiment too much with lip color since you can ease your way into it with a soft tint or a muted rosy red lipstick. If you’re looking to soften the intensity even further you can prep your lips with a few dabs of foundation to mute out the natural color and let the color of the lip product shine through without being effected by the red of your lips.

Image: Zimbio

3 thoughts on “Get the Look: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Rosy Pink Lips

  1. I should look so great at her age.

  2. what is the name of the shade and who makes it, or something like that shade?

  3. She gets better looking with age IMHO,,, love that shade of pink on her and her eye shadow rocks it as well!

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