Givenchy vs. DVF: Snob Showdown

Givenchy vs. DVF

Laser cut isn’t the same as croc, but considering this Givenchy (at Barneys New York for $2,200) is only croc-stamped leather, you’ll see why these two clutches are actually pretty comparable. The design on the Diane von Furstenberg (at Saks Fifth Avenue for $395) gives us black Jackson Pollock-esque splatterings with unique texture that’s not unlike that of the croc-stamping and suede seams on its sleek, high-priced competitor. DVF’s fun graphics would best be viewed in the daylight, but who are we kidding? These tiny things can’t handle being out all day. Since they’d ultimately serve the same purpose (drinks, dinner, dancing), I’m going with the savings here. The black and white web decorating the DVF will win admirers whether the sun is high in the sky or on the other side of the world. Which of the intricate minaudières are you eyeing, though?

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One thought on “Givenchy vs. DVF: Snob Showdown

  1. I like the DVF bag, it is eyecatching and looks like a piece of art.

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