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Gucci Bright Bit Patent Leather Shoulder Bag: Arm Candy

Gucci Bright Bit Patent Leather Shoulder Bag

I love a candy-colored patent leather bag, especially when it’s been miniaturized! This is arm candy in the truest sense. The iconic horse bit closure reveals its designer without having to emblazon GUCCI on the front, making this perfect for the Snob who prefers not to flash labels. You want a bag to be chic all on its own – no name-dropping necessary. Even though the style is bright, it’s also simple, so you can throw this over floral dresses, jeans, you name it. The last time I bought a Gucci for under $900 was about 10 years ago, and it was twice the size! The hand painted edges will keep this looking candy-coated for years to come, though, so really it’s a good investment. Need a tip for keeping your patent leather looking fresh? Spray Windex on a soft cloth, run it lightly over your bags, and voilà! Good as new. Available at Neiman Marcus in pink and teal for $890.



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