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Heather Belle Audrey Fold-Over Clutch: Faux Realism

Heather Belle Audrey Fold-Over Clutch

Happy Earth Day! In honor of the occasion, I’d like to spotlight a great vegan bag – Heather Belle’s Audrey fold-over clutch. Faux is hard to pull off, but designers like Stella McCartney have shown that it can be done. Heather’s spacious bag (it can even hold your iPad!) is hand casted and painted by the LA-based brand to recreate the croc look we love. And I have to say the quality of the “leather” is amazing. The texture of the stamped crocodile is more realistic than any other I’ve seen. This is the top side of the croc where there are a lot of bumps, which is much better than trying to fake the scaly belly that can so easily be spotted as faux. Heather’s not trying to fool anyone – she just wants to create a gorgeous, reasonably priced bag for vegans who don’t want to sacrifice the luxe look. Available in five colors at Heather Belle for $345 each.



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