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James Read Tanning: Sunlessly Sun-Kissed Skin

James Read Tanning

A tanned leg is a skinny leg, so even if you’re been ignoring the gym like it’s an evil ex-boyfriend, you can still get bikini ready at a moment’s notice. The guru of tanning makes it quick, easy, and sunspot free. Plus, unlike pretty much every other self-tanner out there, James Read’s products don’t stink. I will warn that the mitt ($10) is a must, though. Thanks to their moisturizing textures, the tanners go on pretty evenly, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I once showed up at a conference with streaky legs after applying tanner with my hands (I had to wear pants all week in the boiling summer heat!). Instances like that keep me from committing to a tan for too long, so I’m a fan of the wash off option ($25). There’s also a gradual tanner ($32) if you like to test the waters slowly, and then a full-on liquid tan ($32) for you dedicated Snobs out there who don’t want to waste any time. So whether you want to be bronzed for a day, a week, or a month, James Read has the sunless solutions! Available on NET-A-PORTER.

James Read Tanning

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