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Jil Sander Nizan Accordian Clutch: Making Beautiful Music

Jil Sander Nizan Accordian Clutch

For a work hard, play hard kind of summer, all you need is a small clutch and an oversized tote. One fits in the other and voilà! Everything you require comfortably stored in one bag. The Jil Sander Nizan clutch adds an even more ingenious element to that system. She’s taken the ordinary pouch and turned it on its head – literally! The handle placed on the side lets you to carry the bag as a north south top handle. You could still hold it like a regular clutch, but when you’re getting a Jil Sander, why not enjoy the benefits of her clever designs? With the lack of color and hardware, it certainly has a minimalist look, but don’t let that fool you. This clutch has maximum potential. The illusion of a trim pouch is shattered as soon as you open the accordian-style bag and see not one but four interior compartments. If the expandable amount of space is not enough, keep the clutch inside your tote and pull it out when the occasion calls for a little music. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,310.



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