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Jimmy Choo Launches New Scent, Flash

Jimmy Choo just launched its latest fragrance called Flash ($75-98) and it’s fittingly…Flashy! Leading up to the launch the brand sent me little clues for five days straight as to what the scent was all about – in short they want this scent to get you in the mood for a super glam, fun night out. What you don’t see in the image above is the awesome sparkling silver box the fragrance comes packaged in. Sure it could be seen as a little much, but it’s fun and FLASHY. The bottle itself is also flashy but not as in your face. It’s inspired by a modernist chandelier from the 70s. I love the way the light catches the facades of the bottle. It’s definitively something you’re proud to have on your vanity and I love the idea behind this scent. I’m the kind of gal who listens to Britney Spears when I get ready for a fun night out so this is totally in line with that. Notes include pink pepper, strawberry, tuberose, jasmine, white lily, and heliotrope, most of which surprised me because those aren’t as aggressive as I thought they would be (I was expect musk, amber, tobacco…lots of woody notes…). The scent is a feminine white floral and more girlishly alluring than anything overly flashy. A great spring scent – whether gearing up for a fun night out…or just a day at the office.


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