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Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel: Kiss from a Rose

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel

Since I’ll be traveling a lot this summer, I’m already assembling a heatproof beauty plan. The balancing act between keeping your skin hydrated in the sun and preventing gross, sticky sweat is not an easy one. I’ll be on the East Coast (humid) and in Taiwan (even more humid), so the heavy creams are staying home. Fortunately, I’ve found Jurlique’s herbal recovery gel, which is incredibly lightweight to the point where you worry at first if it will do anything at all! But as soon as the cool gel hits your skin, your worries melt away and the rose hip oil serum soaks in. It has a matte sheen that’s soft to the touch, even on a balmy afternoon. The antioxidant gel uses ginseng root to firm the skin and evening primrose oil to reduce redness and give you a dewy glow, which is what you’re aiming for at the beach anyway. In case you couldn’t tell from the ingredients, the serum smells like roses! Don’t worry about it being overwhelming, though – the scent is completely heavenly. Besides, studies have shown that it makes women feel sensual and men attracted – win-win. Get this small bottle for plane rides – it goes a long way and keeps the TSA happy! Available at Sephora for $50.



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