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Kneipp Arnica Intensive Cream

I got back last week from a trip to Hong Kong and Australia. I was traveling with a friend who’s a personal trainer so I figured we’d be eating healthy and working out throughout….boy was I wrong! We ate at some of the most amazing restaurants, but they were more often than not far from healthy. We also did a bunch of high teas and as you guys probably know the English love their butter and sugar-latent sandwiches and scones. Add to that the fact that we barely had time to workout and it becomes clear why coming back to my regular workout routine has been a slap in the face. My first day back at Barry’s Bootcamp, the boutique studio I go to almost every day, was brutal. I woke up the next day with the worst leg pain, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from getting back on track so I’ve been lathering on Kneipp Arnica Intensive Cream ($22), after showering every day to ease my muscles and they feel a lot better (especially when combined with yoga).

Arnica is an amazing miracle ingredient often used in homeopathy for strains, sprains, and bruising and tons of professional athletes swear by it. I lot of creams/gels that are designed to ease muscle tension end up stinging me with an overly cooling sensation, but there’s none of that with this and it’s also moisturizing while working to ease tension. The key with the cream however is to massage it into your legs or whatever area is sore…don’t just lather it on if you really want to feel a difference.


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