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LiftLab Daily Cleanser & Detox Mask: Don’t Scratch the Surface

LiftLab Daily Cleanser & Detox Mask

Our hectic schedules sometimes leave our skin regimens with something to be desired. As a working mom, there are days when I’m lucky if I get to step into the shower at all. So, I’m always on the lookout for new products to help me multitask like this three-in-one LiftLab cleanser/mask/exfoliant! For days when you’re really rushing, just use a pea-sized amount to quickly lather and rinse (even at your busiest, always make time to wash your face in the evenings). Or keep it on for three to four minutes and it will act as a detox mask that exfoliates without any scrubbing or irritation. If you don’t think you have that much time to spare, you can do what I do – apply as soon as you jump in the shower, leave it on while you do your business, and then rinse everything off right before you get out. This way even Olympic medal speed showerers will still get their skin bright and glowing.

Since I’ve been using glycolic acid every other day, I’m left with a thick layer of dead skin cells on my face from all the cell regeneration. I’ve been told not to use a scrubbing exfoliant because the irritation would activate my already very active melanin and cause further hyperpigmentation. LiftLab’s Purify and Clarify cleanser dissolves these excess skin cells with Aqualumine, gentling working to clear off my face without damaging it. Cleansers in themselves help to prevent aging, but this one goes a step further by using patented Cell Protection Proteins to stimulate cell renewal. So even while it rids my face of dead skin, it’s working to bring about fresh, hydrated cells. The formula is a little lumpy like oatmeal and lathers up the way a shave cream would, which is why you only need a little. The mask stays on well in the shower, unlike others that can’t take the moisture and slowly slide off. When there’s time for the luxury of a bath, I use this to give myself a mini-facial. I start with LiftLab to clarify, then put on a hydrating mask afterwards. It’s an indulgence that I relish in when I have the chance (another trick is to keep my iPad with Netflix propped up next to the tub!). Available on Amazon for $65.



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  1. I’m currently using 3 different products to achieve the same as this 3-in-1 product from LiftLab. I’m about due to refill my cleanser and mask so I may try this as it would be nice to not have to use 3 separate products 🙂