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Marla Marchant 3D Printed Footwear: Branching Out

Marla Marchant 3D Printed Footwear

We’ve been hearing a lot about how 3D printing is the way of the future, with Dita von Teese’s printed dress a recent example. The technology can easily create prototypes, so naturally, innovators like shoe designer Marla Marchant are using it to bring their ideas on paper to life! For her master’s project (oh yeah, did I mention? Marla did this as a student at the London College of Fashion!), she wanted to bring back the art of craftsmanship by designing intricately woven heels. Reminiscent of bridges and baskets, the imaginative styles are meant to make the female body appear weightless, as if it needs to be tied down like a balloon. Ssense interviewed the designer on her project, which was inspired by architects like Gaudi and Calatrava. I’m not sure you can wear these (11 inches would be a lot to teeter around in anyway!), but if you’re interested in inquiring about her art, e-mail Marla here.



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