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Myriam Schaefer Small Flag Bag: Pledge of Allegiance

Myriam Schaeffer Small Flag Bag

At first glance, I thought this was a Givenchy, but I soon saw that the handles are attached with arrowhead accents rather than with bar hardware. The way the fabric stripes are sewn in next to the leather (rather than on top of it) requires a very experienced hand, so if you were cringing at the price, think about the precise craftsmanship. Having spent a decade at Balenciaga (the City bag was her design!), Myriam Schaefer knows the importance of quality. Now that she has a namesake collection, her OCD is on full-blast, taking months to craft a single bag. The look may be minimal, but trust that this is a piece with maximal wearability and longevity. The multicolored stripes give it just enough personality to make breaking the bank the best investment you’ve ever made. Available on LN-CC for $4,505.



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