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Olympia Le-Tan Jane Eyre Embroidered Clutch: Book Bag

Olympia Le-Tan Jane Eyre Embroidered Clutch

Cigar boxes came back into fashion years ago, and since then, literary Snobs have been coveting Olympia Le-Tan’s book clutches like they were rare editions themselves. The classics have been on heavy rotation in street style photos, but the prices are just ridiculous. Playing on our sentimentality to get us to pay top dollar is something I doubt Charlotte Brontë would approve of, so let’s break things down for a minute. The felt appliqués are easy enough to create on your own, in fact I would say a grade school arts and crafts class could make them (and as a certified 2nd grade book report and puppet making assistant, I would know). The embroidery is not incredibly detailed either, and while the clutch is “Hand Made in France,” it’s basically just canvas, a metal frame, and a poplin interior. So what does the book club think – snob or slob? Exclusively available on NET-A-PORTER for $1,880.

Olympia Le-Tan Jane Eyre Embroidered Clutch

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