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Orbit Baby Travel Collection G2: Easy Rider

Orbit Baby Travel Collection G2

My first thought looking at this was how does a stroller cost $1,200?? Then again, I bought the Bugaboo (which was not cheap) and this Orbit has features that cover all of the annoying issues that had. There are two main components: the base ($500) and the seat ($440), which also doubles as a car seat (a convenience Bugaboo doesn’t have!). Normally I think two-piece strollers are just a hassle, but these hinge together to let you carry them as one. Plus, the seat reclines and swivels in the stroller, so sleepy babies can nap while more curious travelers will have a bird’s eye view of everything going on. This will be fun for the first couple of months, but after that, it will lose its shine. You can then switch out the baby seat for the toddler’s ($280), which is nice but only necessary if you’re set on keeping the same stroller until your baby starts walking.

The hands-down best feature is the smooth ride. The Orbit is so easy to push it’s like you’re not pushing at all! Ultimately, the price of these conveniences is just too high, though. It’s cheaper to buy two separate strollers. Besides, you’d grow tired of carrying around the massive system pretty quickly. Unless you absolutely want the best of the best and have the room to store it, this just isn’t worth the hassle or the cost. Buy all three parts of the collection on Giggle and save $50.



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