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Prada Luna Rossa

I was sent a sample of Luna Rossa ($62-102), the new Eau de Toilette from Prada (named after the brand’s America’s Cup Challenge team), and before I could even smell it my dad spotted it, opened it, and staked his claim to it! That’s what I get for stopping by my parents place for dinner with my mail. I don’t blame him though – and of course I was happy to give him my sample after I dutifully smelled it. First off I love the bottle. It reminds me of a flask. It’s simple and streamlined, but it’s not boring or forgettable. Fragrance notes includes bitter orange, lavender,  spearmint, and amber, all of which make for a clean, fresh scent. It’s not as sporty as I would have imagined given its inspiration and it’s a bit heavy on the floral notes initially, but as it dries down the woody notes become stronger (loooove amber and musk). This is a great every day scent and super gift-able given the woody/citrus/floral balance.

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