Saint Laurent Genuine Alligator Leather Chyc Tote: The Power of Love

Saint Laurent Chyc Alligator Tote

I love the Chyc tote, but the question here is not how much I love it, but how much is that love worth? Because 30 grand means a whole lot of love. I can say with certainty that this is a truly iconic bag, destined to live on for quite some time, so making the investment in such a piece is justifiable. I just can’t say with certainty that I would do it!

You could argue that you can get a Chanel alligator bag for just a few pennies more, but Chanel’s classic flap in alligator is pretty old-school. Not to mention, old-lady. (But I’ll gladly be a chic old lady any day, if it ever comes to that.) Saint Laurent imbues a much younger, hipper look into hyper-polished exotic skin. This feels just about as edgy as a doctor’s bag can be, without going wayward and trendy (read: too much hardware or executed in clear PVC). Yes, a single-piece of mature alligator belly is something you will always covet – and rightly so. On this timeless Chyc bag, it is pretty spectacular.

On Ssense for $29,500.

Pair with: What does the forward-thinking snob wear with her most decadent top-handle? $2,500 jeans, of course. Balmain’s Cuba-inspired print makes this pair a real head-turner (and for this price, they should be).

On Net-a-Porter for $2,454.

2 thoughts on “Saint Laurent Genuine Alligator Leather Chyc Tote: The Power of Love

  1. Sandra Rowley on said:

    Its a beauty for sure.

  2. This YSL tote is one for the books. It’s a classic silhouette with YSL’s “Y” on the front. Love.

    Love, Queen Bee

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