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Saint Laurent Sac de Jour: Birkin or Bust?

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

There’s been a lot of speculation that the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour is a rip-off of the Birkin. I’ll admit there are quite a few similarities. To me, it looks like Hedi Slimane took a cue from the unfinished Birkin shown by Hermès a few seasons ago. But in spite of all the criticism, I have to say that I like the way he structured and streamlined the Holy Grail of bags. With accordion-style sides, you can adjust the straps for more space or tighten them up for a sleeker look, making this the perfect work bag. If you carried a Birkin into the office, everyone would know, but with this you could fly under the radar without sacrificing style. What do you think of the controversy, though? Take a look at a Sac de Jour next to a Birkin. Would you buy Saint Laurent’s pared down bag? Available on Luisa via Roma for $2,950.

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8 thoughts on “Saint Laurent Sac de Jour: Birkin or Bust?

  1. Speculation? hmmm that’s a nice “euphémisme” as we say in french.
    Anyway, I prefer the original 😉

  2. I definitely would! I think he’s just made it his own. Classic style with enhanced utility <3

  3. Sandra Rowley on said:

    No, I will not be purchasing this bag…however, I do like the Duffle 6 in yellow….

  4. The Saint Laurent is nice, but I would say go for an actual Birkin or choose something really different !
    Their new 24h duffle is a great everyday choice if you ask me..

  5. i would just save for a birkin

  6. considering a 35cm birkin is now at $10,000, I’ll take Hedi’s version. Great color as well!

  7. no, looks boring….

  8. Sara Florent on said:

    Mr Slimey is nothing but a copyist! Not an original thought in his brain nor in any item in the so called collections! It is sad that he can’t even copy the wonderful heritage and records left behind by Yves! And how tacky to so obviously copy a birkin! And I don’t know about you but I can always adjust my birkins by pulling the straps tighter or more loosely. Disappointed that you are now pandering to him!

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