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Teres Kids T-Shirts: Going Soft

Teres Kids T-Shirts

Teres Kids makes clothes specifically for tots with tactile sensitivities, like those with skin allergies, autism, or eczema. But who doesn’t love super soft clothes? One of my daughters even hijacked an old pajama top that I was throwing away and now wears it as a giant nightgown! So while Teres Kids has 100% cotton pants, shorts, dresses, and skirts, I’m eyeing the shirts for her. They have no tags, minimal seams, and hems that are raw-edged to prevent any itchiness. My favorite is the unisex Heal the Bay t-shirt – 30% of the profits go to the environmental organization of the same name that helps keep the waters of Southern California clean and safe. A lot of the other options are space-related, which is great for little boys. The Race to Space tee is decorated with rockets, planets, and stars, much like the girl’s fuchsia Fibonacci Spiral shirt or the Path of Venus tee. With these cute clothes, you can save a 100 loads of laundry trying to get the right feel – they come pre-washed to perfection! Available for $30 each on Teres Kids.



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