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Tod’s for Ferrari Loafers: Earn Your Racing Stripes

Tod’s for Ferrari Loafers

My Tod’s driving moccasins are wardrobe essentials, but as comfy and classic as loafers are, they can start to look pretty boring after a while. Tod’s knows this, which is why they’re starting to do more and more collaborations with companies like Ferrari. While I’m not a big sports car fan (I drive an SUV, which is basically the exact opposite) and I certainly don’t follow anything Ferrari does, this capsule collection has just the pedal-to-the-metal kind of spirit that will get me excited about moccasins again. The genius of these styles is that from the average viewpoint, they’re the usual chic suspects with only itty-bitty Ferrari horse hardware to distinguish them from regular Tod’s. One pop of the heel, though, and your racing stripes and numbers are on display for all to see. The women’s loafers aren’t available on the US site yet so keep an eye out. There will be more styles to come as the season progresses. In the meantime, grab a suede pair for your favorite Man Snob! Available at Tod’s.



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