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Tom Ford Brow Sculptor: The Art of Calligraphy

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor

Tom Ford once said, “A nice thick brow is the key to a youthful look.” Considering the man is basically ageless, I’m more than prepared to take his advice. And with his innovative brow sculptor, we can all practice what he preaches. This is honestly the most inventive brow pencil ever – the angled calligraphy tip gives you the tool you need to perfect your palette, whether you prefer a thin, feathered effect or something thicker. There’s even a sharpener hidden in the opposite cap to keep the pencil at its pointiest. On that same side is a brow brush to offer the finishing touches, and there you go! Your best brows ever. I had mine tattooed on with the same feathering technique, and while I love not having to pencil them in each day, I realize not everyone is ready to handle the pain (and trust me, there is some). So if you’re going to stick with pencil, you have to get Tom’s. The only thing worse than a naturally bad brow is a terribly drawn-in one! Available in four shades at Neiman Marcus for $42.



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