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Zara Leather Jackets: Red, White, and Biker

Zara Leather Jackets

Zara is a fashion editor favorite because unlike so many other brands in this price range, the Spanish company doesn’t knock off other brands. Dozens of designers work in Zara’s studios to come up with fresh looks each season, and the resulting quality/price combo can’t be beat! My friend Aliza, a,k.a. DKNY PR Girl recently tipped me off to something I’ve been trying to find for months – the perfect white leather jacket. She texted me with these simple words: “Zara, ecru leather quilted jacket, could be Chanel.” Aliza’s one of the biggest Snobs I know, so that was all I needed to see before rushing to Zara’s site. I ordered the cream immediately, and I’ll tell you, it’s even better than I expected! Now I’m obsessing over the black and even the red, which is a sleeker, more ladylike version that drops the buckled sleeves for quilted ones. It’s easy to justify getting all three because even their combined cost is less than one jacket from any other designer. Run to your nearest Zara and see the jackets for yourself! And for the record, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just had to share this amazing deal with you 🙂 Available for $299 each at Zara.



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