Alejandro Ingelmo Cage Sandals: All the Right Angles

Alejandro Ingelmo Cage Sandals

Alejandro Ingelmo has a knack for taking footwear to unexpected extremes. These aren’t what you think of when you envision cage shoes, yet they’re impossible to resist. With metallic accents and angular cutouts, Alejandro’s heels look like they’ve just been beamed in from the future. The icy Odysseys ($1,295) are definitely worthy of the trip their moniker suggests – most likely one whirling around the dance floor. Pair the shimmery scales with a trendy holographic clutch to really play with the space chic vibe. For something more wearable, go with the black suede and gold leather Colliders ($1,295). You could throw on the slicked up slingbacks with just about anything and look good. They’re cages you’ll never want to break free from. Available at Bloomingdale’s.

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