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Alexander Wang Maryna Sweatshirt Flannel Sandals: Keep It Casual

 Alexander Wang Maryna Sweatshirt Lam Flannel Sandals

Only Alexander Wang could make chic shoes from sweatshirt flannel. His super-soft Ts have long impressed, but when you can make a heel comfortable, that’s even more of a feat. This is as relaxed as a 4+ inch sandal gets. Seriously, why buy ugly slippers when you have these?? The cozy feel has me ready to jump straight into the gray, no questions asked. Even the architectural straps are designed for comfort. Their delicate proportions contrast so well against the masculine fabric. A cool gray like this is just what you need to balance out fall’s oh so oppressive palette. Wear them with Stella McCartney’s pajama-style trousers (at Saks Fifth Avenue for $745) and you’ll be ready for anything from work to drinks to a nice cozy nap! Available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $575.

Alexander Wang Maryna Sweatshirt Flannel Sandals



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