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Anti-aging for Hands: Tips from Dr. Paul Carniol

Anti-aging for Hands

When it comes to anti-aging, our main priority always seems to be the face. That’s smart – it’s the first thing that people notice about us. But evidence of that little number on your driver’s license can pop up basically everywhere. In fact, hands age faster than our faces. One day they look young and beautiful, and the next, you can pass for the Grim Reaper. Dr. Paul Carniol, a professor at New Jersey Medical School, has some tips to help. As a plastic surgeon he sees more women resorting to plumping treatments, fat transfers, hyaluronic acid gels, and chemical peels than ever before. Sound a little intense? Let’s get back to basics. Sunscreen is obviously a no-brainer (year-round!). Try adding skin care products to your regimen that includes peptides to prevent your skin from thinning and antioxidants to keep away those pesky dark spots. Dr. Carniol says it best – “Prevention is the best medicine.” Or you can always do what I do in the summer months and wear cotton gloves while driving!

Image Credit: New York Times



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