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Best in Brow Beauty: It’s All in the Eyes

Best in Brow Beauty

I spent most of my college years plucking and prodding my brows until they were as thin and perfect as Kate Moss’, which is pretty ironic because now I spend all of my time filling them in! I’ve fallen in love with the thick, natural (albeit flawlessly arched) brow. It’s a gentler, more youthful look and easier to create. If you’re worried about crafting the best arch, then visit a salon first and watch how the stylist does it. Recreate the look at home by plucking away the strays from that arch and filling in the brows! I’ve tried everything from permanent makeup to powders to waxes – here are my tips on what you’ll need:

Best Tweezer: Throw out all of your tweezers! Seriously. Once you’ve tried the Rubis slanted tweezer, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. This is the best and most precise out there, getting even the tiniest of hairs. I love it so much I panic when I forget to pack it on trips. At Rubis Switzerland for $34.95.

Best in Brow Beauty

Best Eyebrow Brush: Shu Uemura’s badger-hair brush can be used with anything from powder to cream to liquid. Even after years, the bristles on mine are still in fighting form. Available at Shu Uemura for $29.



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