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Camp Yes To: A Glam Camping Retreat


A few weeks ago I attended possibly the coolest event I ever went to. It was billed as “Camp Yes To” and hosted by Yes To founder Ido Leffler. It included everything from a custom trail mix bar (perfect as I was going to Nike run club that night), a massage cabin, a DIY t-shirt station, a braid bar, and a friendship bracelet section lead by one of my favorite jewelry designers, Venessa Arizaga. At the end editors gathered around a faux campfire as Ido talked about his brand’s various products.

Aside from getting to checkout some of their latest launches (loving the new grapefruit range), I also learned that they will be launching four body washes, one for each of the following ranges: grapefruit, blueberry, carrots and cucumber and coming out with two CC creams as part of their grapefruit range (Yes To was recently named #1 in face for natural products). Maybe the best thing I learned that day however is that the brand has lowered the price on some of their best selling products without comprising the integrity of their natural/organic ingredients.

Time to stock up…


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