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Chasing Fireflies Rosy Ruffles Dress: Little Princess

Chasing Fireflies Rosy Ruffles Dress

Little girls love playing dress up – to the point where they refuse to ever change out of their princess gowns, even for that fancy dinner you’ve scheduled with your parents. We accept this because we have to, but I’ve found a way to make everyone happy. These adorably ruffled dresses are fun enough for playtime without looking in the least bit costumey. Flowery ruffles decorate the hem of the long dress, which could easily pass for a ball gown or magical fairy outfit when paired with a tiara and sparkling scepter. Plus your tots will love the feel of the comfy jersey knit compared to the usual scratchy polyester costumes! Available on Chasing Fireflies in pink, ivory, and lavender for $88 each.



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  1. Dear Kelly and Fellow Snobs,

    I have a question… My daughter (6) and I love a brand called Hannah Banana. It probably isn’t really a Snob line. It is a US brand with price points between 50 and 85-ish and is a fairly colourful, beachy line. We also like Catimini but only occasionally. I have a couple of pictures
    I would like to know what your thoughts are on this line… ‘snob or slob’? I am aware that I have likely just declared myself as a Knob rather than a Snob. 🙂

    Thank you for your many gorgeous photos and articles!