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Chloé Medium Burgundy Leather Gazelle-Fur Amelie Shoulder Bag: Let the Fur Fly

Chloé Shoulder Bag

I’ll admit it: I’m really just obsessed with that gazelle fur sticking up from the flap of this bag. Sometimes all it requires is a quirky and unexpected detail send a bag from “maybe” to “must.” That, and the contrasted effect of naturalistic fur against burgundy leather is so dreamy.

Fur on handbags is a tricky business, but not only did Chloé get it right (it’s just enough, not overkill), the injection saves the day. An addition like this is an amazing way to spruce up an otherwise bulky, unworthy bag. Because a tan-colored accordion gusset simply is not. I am even obliged to excuse the cumbersomeness of the double-up compartments. It goes to show: a great way with fur will take you far.

On Ssense for $3,595.

Pair with: The key to carrying this early in the season without looking inappropriate is in the pants. A white pair of skinny jeans, a la J Brand, will also pick up on the flap’s white tuft of fur.

At Neiman Marcus for $172.



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