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Choffy: Healthy Brewed Chocolate

Brewed chocolate!? That’s right, Choffy is made of roasted and ground cocoa beans and you brew it just like coffee. Unlike coffee however it’s full of antioxidants (more than in a serving of blueberries), and doesn’t give you the caffeine crash that you sometimes get with coffee (it does naturally contain a gentle stimulant called Theobromine). It’s also low calorie, has no sugar, gluten, dairy, or chemicals. So how does it taste? It’s pretty incredible. The grounds – and the finished product (I used a French press) – smell amazing and it falls somewhere in between actual hot chocolate and chocolate-flavored tea when it comes to intensity of flavor. It will not however sooth a chocolate craving unless you’re the kind of person who has a chocolate craving for 85% dark chocolate… The taste is actually more bitter than sweet, but it’s a great option if you’re trying to wean yourself off caffeine/looking for a clean source of energy.

While I don’t consider it to be a weight loss drink, there are recent studies indicating that the polyphenols in cacao can have a positive effect on the activity of enzymes associated with the digestion of fat and carbohydrates so nothing to lose with trading in some coffee for cacao beans when they’re this low in calories (but remember Choffy is sugar-free so don’t expect it to alleviate any cravings for sweets).


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